Running an online or Amazon business can be difficult, but SellerBasics makes it simple. Our experienced e-commerce Attorneys designed SellerBasics because they understand that all sellers deserve access to high quality legal protection services, at affordable prices.


Our full service protection plan provides answers and solutions to many of the issues online sellers face on a regular basis. Your SellerBasics protection plan opens the doors for you to get comprehensive and high-quality legal and consulting advice on a wide variety of legal and business topics.  Simply put, our protection plan has you covered.

True peace of mind, powered by SellerBasics

Legal Help on a Wide Range of Issues

Over 50% of Amazon businesses will face at least one legal threat or business threat this year. Protect your business and give yourself peace of mind with our SellerBasics Protection plan.

Our SellerBasics members are provided with affordable access to experienced attorneys who understand

both the law and the fundamentals of selling on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms. 

  • Don’t put your business at risk by not seeking the legal advice your company deserves.

    We don't expect our SellerBasics members to be legal experts. That's why we take care of your company's legal and business challenges, so that you can focus your time on handling what you do best: growing your business. Many Amazon suspensions are based in legal issues that are best handled by an attorney who is licensed and trained to practice law.


How It Works

Our Team Offers Guidance In Many Areas

Our network of attorneys can help eCommerce sellers with a variety of legal issues. Here are the most common situations our members get assistance with: 

Amazon Account and Product Suspension Reinstatement

Intellectual Property Infringement Defense

Human Resources and Employment Law

Asset Protection

And Many More!

  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Private Label Product Pre-Launch Legal Review

  • Trademark Filing (USA, Europe and China)

  • Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Buy-Ins, Business Purchases, and Business Sales

  • Amazon Suspension Reinstatement

  • Amazon Strategy Consultation

  • Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

  • Estate Planning and Business Continuity Planning

  • Tax Law (including sales tax, income tax, personal property tax and ad valorem tax)

  • Tax Litigation and Controversy

  • Amazon Strategy Consultation

  • Contract Drafting, Review, and Dispute Resolution

  • Business Structuring/ Company Formation Services

    • Employee handbooks
    • Operating Agreements
    • Partnership Agreements
    • Sales Agreements

About The SellerBasics Plan

SellerBasics Core


per month

Comprehensive Coverage and Peace of Mind:

  • Complimentary Account Suspension Appeals after 1 Day of Membership

  • What is not covered under the SellerBasics Plan

  • Results are not guaranteed, and past performance does not guarantee future results. Your subscription is not active until you have signed the SellerBasics service agreement, which will be emailed to you after you subscribe.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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